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10 Ideas for Easy Protein Snacks


Whether you’re traveling afar or have a crazy busy day full of nonstop activities, it’s really not as difficult as it might seem to hit your protein goal.

When tracking macros, it’s always helpful to have a few go-to items in your back pocket that you know can easily fit your daily macro numbers. With these quick and easy high protein snack choices, you can literally grab and go! Feel free to add to this list or make your own full of your favorites to reference when time is lacking.

1. Protein Chips
There are a few variations of high protein chips on the market, but the one that tops them all for flavor/macro ratio by far is Quest chips. When traveling or on vacation, these are lifesavers with only 120 calories: 1.5F/5C/21P for an entire bag! They have many flavors to choose from such as sea salt, barbecue, salt & vinegar (my personal favorite), and sour cream & onion.

2. Jerky
Jerky is the perfect high protein snack on the go! A typical 3 oz bag of turkey jerky is about 240 calories: 1.5F/15C/39P and it’s delicious! Most beef jerkys are just a few grams higher in fat per serving. Whatever your macros may be, anyone can fit in some jerky for a quick and easy high dose of protein!

3. Protein Bars
There are tons of protein bars out there these days, with more and more brands popping up by the minute it seems! Unfortunately, some have horrible macros and misleading marketing. This is why knowing what you are looking for and how to read labels is so important! Make sure and always look at the serving size as some companies include one bar as 2 servings. If you’re cutting, you’ll probably want to go for high protein, low carb, and low fat. If you’re in a caloric surplus, go for whatever you want! Some of my personal favorites for the highest flavor with decent macros are Quest bars (these have high fiber too!), Kirkland/Costco bars (similar to quest but cheaper), Fit Crunch bars (higher in fat but incredible taste), and ONE bars. For a delicious homemade protein bar recipe check out our Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars!

4. Protein Cookies
Similar to protein bars, you really need to know how to read a label when choosing protein cookies as the same tricky marketing techniques apply. Protein bars typically have better macros than protein cookies, but if you’re craving a cookie and can swing it in your macros, they make a great sweet snack! Some of my favorite cookies for flavor/macro ratio are Buff Bake cookies and Protein Cookie Company. We even have some easy homemade protein cookie recipes here at Avatar! Check out our Shortbread Protein Cookies, Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies!

5. Protein Puppy Chow
Protein puppy chow is so easy to make and a perfect alternative to that addictive Christmastime snack that you can’t stop eating! By making some easy substitutions that don’t minimize the flavor, you can re-vamp any recipe including this one! Check out our Pumped Up Protein Puppy Chow recipe and get your snack on!

6. Protein Dips
There are so many amazing dips you can make with simple high protein ingredients! Some of my favorite tricks are using nonfat greek yogurt or low fat cottage cheese and mixing it with a little sugar free fat free pudding mix and a little stevia to taste! Eat it plain or use it as fruit dip! There’s also some great savory options as well! Check out our Protein Packed Enchilada Layer Dip and Creamy Hot Crab Dip for high protein savory dips!

7. Protein Muffins
Protein muffins are SO incredibly easy to make and the flavor possibilities are endless! My one piece of advice would be to never use whey isolate when baking because it turns recipes into protein cardboard. Blends usually work great for baking. Try some of our recipes like our Blueberry Chia Seed Protein Muffins and Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Protein Muffins. Feel free to substitute your favorite fruit and flavors and get creative!

8. Energy Bites
Energy bites are a great protein snack on the go! Many of the energy bite recipes you find online have very high-fat content due to use of nut butters. Feel free to substitute lower fat binders such as mashed banana for better macros. One of my favorite tricks is using vitafiber as a binder as it adds tons of fiber to energy bite recipes and has 0g fat. Check out our S’mores Energy Bite recipe to get started!

9. Chicken/Tuna Salads
At restaurants, I’ve always stayed away from any kind of chicken or tuna salad because the fat content is insanely high from the REAL mayonnaise. You can easily substitute real mayonnaise for lighter versions or even greek yogurt! Check out our 4-ingredient creamy Fuji Apple Chicken Salad that tastes incredible and is only 181 calories: 6F/6C/24P per serving!

10. Nonfat Greek Yogurt Snacks
Nonfat Greek yogurt is so versatile and delicious when mixed with other simple ingredients! Prepare some overnight oats by combining your favorite fruit, oats, greek yogurt, a little almond milk, and stevia and placing in a mason jar overnight for a delicious high protein breakfast or snack the next day! Add cocoa powder, Stevia and/or sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding mix to Greek yogurt to make a tasty high protein chocolate pudding. Blend Greek yogurt with your favorite fruit and some almond milk for a high protein smoothie snack! The possibilities are endless!

For more super easy, mouth-watering high protein snacks, check out our recipes here at Avatar Nutrition!