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Eat what you loveLook how you wantFeel better than ever

* 9.99/month subscription

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Fat loss

Guilt-free progress.

Steady, sustainable results.

Look and feel amazing!

Muscle gain

Get stronger.

Gain confidence.

Fill out your clothes, the right way.

Reverse dieting

Eat more, be happy.

Keep your hard earned results.

Conquer the fear of foods, forever.

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Create your profile, choose your goal, and start making progress immediately! As you check in each week, the Avatar system adjusts your individualized macro plan and provides nutrition coaching to keep you on track.
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The world’s best macro tracking app

We’ve helped over 130,000 users lose in excess of a combined 2 million pounds. Simply put, Avatar works! We’ve constantly refined and enhanced our platform since 2015 to create the most seamless and effective macro app in the world.
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Fasting timer, customizable to your needs

No need to double up on apps—Avatar Nutrition includes a built-in timer for intermittent fasting that lets you know when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to fast. Set custom eating windows or choose from our popular built-in presets!
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Revolutionary, Adaptive Nutrition Coaching

As your body changes, so should your nutrition. That’s why our smart system analyzes your progress and changes your nutrition recommendations weekly to keep you on track. The more you use the system, the better it learns your body and predicts your needs.
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Macro Tracking Made Easy

We built Avatar to save you time by streamlining the food tracking process! Log your food, reach your target macros, and guarantee your progress using intuitive gestures and exclusive features.
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