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How It Works

Avatar Nutrition uses cutting-edge nutrition science to help you get the body you want - all accomplished through the simple process of tracking macros.

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Create your profile, choose your goal, and we’ll tell you how much to eat.

We gather information about your body, lifestyle, and goals to set accurate, scientifically-based macro targets and create a truly personalized experience. Registration is fast and easy. In no time, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master macro-tracker in total control of your body!

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Track Your Food

Use our app to log your food and hit the macro targets we set for you.

We built the Avatar tracker to make tracking macros easy. Our unique macro tracking features, only available through Avatar Nutrition, allow you to make progress even if you aren’t perfect. If you mess up one day and over or undereat, the app will help you correct course by changing your macros to get you back on track the following days. This truly is a flexible approach to dieting, and it’s all backed by our scientific algorithm proven to give members optimal results.

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Check In Weekly

Check in each week and update our system with your new weight and body fat.

Your check-ins are quick and convenient. Just hop on your scale, log your weight, and use any of our simple methods for measuring or estimating body fat. The Avatar Nutrition system determines whether you were able to reach your macro goals for the week based on the food you logged in your tracker. Check-ins usually take less than a minute and adjustments to your macros are made instantly!

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Get New Macros

Receive new macros each week to keep making progress—our system learns your body’s needs better with each check-in and adjusts to you!

As your body and metabolism change, so should your nutrition. This is why one-time macro calculations and static meal plans don’t work—they give you a single set of macros and a plan that doesn’t evolve with you. But through our weekly check-ins, the Avatar system learns your body’s needs better over time and adjusts your macros to help you break through plateaus and make steady progress. You’ll even get coaching messages after each check-in, explaining in detail why your macros did or didn’t change!

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Personalize Your Experience

Change your goal and preferences, set refeed days, track your progress, and talk to our coaches at any time.

At Avatar Nutrition, we know that the only diet that’s ever going to work is the one you can stick to. That’s why we provide a variety of tools and features that allow you to customize your diet to fit your individual preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Prefer more fat over carbs? No problem. Want higher calories on days you work out? You can do that. Need to take a week off from tracking while you travel? Just use our vacation mode. We provide a diet solution that fits your lifestyle, rather than asking you to change your lifestyle to fit a diet.

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How Avatar Works

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