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Personalized Macro Plan

Tracking macros is meant to be a flexible experience, so we provide a variety of custom features you can use at any time to tailor your nutrition to your lifestyle and customize your diet journey.

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Change Your Goal at Anytime

Building and maintaining your ideal body is a process that requires alternating between goals. For example, after finishing a fat loss phase, you’ll need to change your goal to a reverse diet to bring your calories back up in a way that minimizes the risk of regaining weight. By strategically switching goals to suit your needs, you’ll have total control of your body and unique diet journey.


Set Refeed Days

Avatar Nutrition’s High/Low Day feature allows you to eat more food on certain days. This is similar to having “cheat days,” but instead of doing an untracked free-for-all on your high days, which can sabotage your progress, you’ll eat the target macros set by the Avatar system. By borrowing macros from the other days in your check-in period, the High/Low Day feature keeps your total weekly food intake right where it needs to be for you to see progress.


Set Preferences and Use Custom Features

A diet is only as good as your ability to stick to it, which is why we gather information about your food preferences and diet restrictions and apply it to your recommendations. For greater personalization, we also allow you to use our vacation mode and intermittent fasting features.


Diet Preferences

Have a sweet tooth or prefer savory food? You have the ability to account for either by setting your carb and fat preference.



Have a diet restriction? If so, this might affect your protein needs. Avatar collects this information and uses it to set the perfect target macros for you.


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a great tool that can be used by dieters on low macros to control hunger. By compressing everything you eat for the day into a relatively small window of time (“eating window”), you’ll give yourself the illusion of having more food! We provide a handy built-in timer to let you know when it’s time to start eating and when it’s time to stop.


Vacation Mode

If you need to take a break from tracking for any reason, you can put the Avatar system on vacation mode. Activating vacation mode will suspend your check-ins, allowing you to weigh in again and pick up right where you left off when you’re back and ready to resume tracking!


Edit Calories

Avatar gives you the ability to edit your calories at any time, for any reason. The system will then use these calories as a starting point to adjust your macros. If you change your mind, you can restore our original recommendations with the press of a button.


Track Your Progress

Being able to see how far you’ve come can keep you motivated and inspired on your journey. This is why we give you deep insight into your progress over time through graphs and charts that help you visualize how your body is changing in terms of weight, body fat percentage, and lean body mass, and also how it’s changing in response to your macros and goals.


Reach Out to Our Coaches

When starting any diet, it can be helpful to have a good support system to answer your questions and help you stay accountable. With Avatar Nutrition, you have access to our team of expert nutrition coaches anytime you need them. You can talk to them through live chat during business hours and can send a detailed message through our coaching portal and upload attachments if you need to.


Get Instant Answers to Your Questions

We have a giant database of FAQs with comprehensive, science-backed nutrition and fitness information that gives you instant answers to nearly any question you might have. There are hundreds of insightful articles that cover everything from how PCOS affects fat loss, to what to do if you’re struggling to stick to your macros.


Access Hundreds of Low-Calorie Recipes

You don’t need to eat bland and boring food to meet your macros. Our app comes pre-loaded with hundreds of low-calorie recipes, from stews and salads to desserts and dips, to help you reach your goals without sacrificing any flavor.

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