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Avatar Nutrition is your digital diet coach.

Each week, you’ll receive a personalized nutrition plan with maximum flexibility and support from experienced coaches at every step, so you make progress without giving up the foods you love.





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Personalized Nutrition

Get personalized macros tailored to your body and goals, with weekly updates to keep you on track.

Customize Your Preferences

Change settings at any time, such as your Carb-Fat preference or the High-Low Day feature so you can eat more when you need to!

Easy Macro Tracking

Made by flexible dieters, for flexible dieters – Avatar’s built-in macro focused nutrition tracking offers a variety of unique features, custom designed to ensure the most seamless and effective experience possible!

Expert Coaching

Access our brilliant and helpful team of masters, dietitians and athletes who are ready to answer your questions at any time! No other company puts this level of care, experience, and education right at your fingertips.

Weekly Adjustments

Experience unstoppable, sustainable success with Avatar’s adaptive nutrition coaching. While other diet systems give you a one-size-fits all program, Avatar paves the way forward with recommendations tailored to you that change at each check-in as your body transforms.

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Join a community of over 25,000 members. Hear awesome, triumphant stories, get advice, and share your own success with the Avatar Family.

Live Q&A

Sick of confusion when it comes to health and nutrition? Ask our Coaching Team for personalized tips and advice.

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There’s no contract! You can cancel at any time with the press of a button.