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Weekly Check-ins

Each week, you’ll check in with the system and we’ll gather detailed information about your body’s response to the target macros. Our unique tools ensure that the information we collect is accurate and our adjustments optimal to drive steady progress.

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Body Fat Measurement Methods

We offer a variety of convenient ways to measure body fat, allowing you to choose the one that’s easiest and most convenient for your lifestyle. No method will be 100% accurate, but when you choose one and stick with it, the system will detect the change from week to week and use that information to make your adjustments.

  • 3 and 7-site caliper method
  • Tape measure Method
  • Visual Estimator

Compliance Detection

“Compliance” is a term we use to describe whether or not someone was able to get within range of their target macros. The system will automatically detect your compliance status at check-in, using the food you entered in your tracker. As long as you’re compliant, the system will adjust your targets accurately to keep you progressing.


Menstrual Option

Some women gain water weight in the days leading up to their period, which could interfere with their weekly macro adjustments since the system will normally assume that weight gain or loss is related to changes in body fat or muscle mass. We give you the option of letting the system know when “it’s that time of the month” so that artificial weight gain can be taken into account when macro adjustments are made.


Daily Weight Feature

Many people experience weight fluctuation from day to day, which could interfere with the system’s ability to gauge your progress. For example, if you had a high-carb day or a bad night of sleep the day before your weigh-in, this weight may not be accurate. The daily weigh-in feature allows you to log a weight each day and compares the weekly average of your weight with the average of the week before. This washes out error, reducing the impact of fluctuating weight on your macro adjustments.