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Adaptive Nutrition

Avatar nutrition doesn’t just give you a single set of macro targets—we adjust them as necessary after each check-in to keep you making progress.

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Why Your Macros Should Change

As you build muscle and burn fat, the speed of your metabolism will change along with your macro needs. For example, if your goal is fat loss, you’ll probably begin to burn fewer calories as your weight and body fat drop. To keep losing weight at the same rate, your calories and macros will also need to drop. By giving you new macro targets that evolve with your body and metabolism over time, we keep you making progress and breaking through weight loss plateaus.


Science-Based Macro Adjustments

When you log your weight and body fat each week, the Avatar system detects your individual response to the target macros and makes the perfect adjustments for you to see steady progress. These adjustments are science-based and continuously refined using data from more than 120,000 users. The more you use the system, the better it gets at learning your body and predicting your needs.


Detailed Macro Adjustment Explanations

Each time you check in, we provide detailed coaching messages to explain why your macros did or didn’t change. By giving you the rationale behind our adjustments, you’ll always know what to expect and can be reassured that you’re on the right track toward meeting your goal.


Interactive body Composition Progress Insights

We give you powerful insight into your progress, allowing you to see how your macro adjustments contribute to your results over time. View our interactive body composition chart to see how your changing macro targets impact your body fat, lean body mass, and body weight.


Accept or Reject Macro Adjustments

To give you ultimate freedom and control over your diet journey, we allow you to reject macro adjustments. For example, if an unexpected change in your exercise routine causes you to fall short of your fat loss goal at check-in, you may choose to override the system’s reduction in target macros and keep your old macros for an extra week.