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We Make Tracking Easy and Convenient

The Avatar tracking app offers several features that make logging food and tracking macros fast and easy.

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Multiple Food Search & Add Methods

Adding food to the tracker is simple. You can search for an item in our verified database, select an item from your favorites list or recent food history, scan a barcode, or even custom add an item that you created yourself!


Food Suggestion List

If you need help picking the right foods to hit your target macros, you can use our suggested food feature. Just choose whether you’re looking for protein, carbs, or fat, and we’ll provide you with a list of convenient options.


Copy/Paste Items and Meals

You can copy and paste items or meals from one day to another—or even multiple days at a time! If you’re a creature of habit and regularly eat the same food, this will make tracking macros incredibly easy.


Create & Save Recipes

If you like to cook and make complicated items, you can easily add all of the ingredients together to build a recipe! By saving the recipe and dividing it into servings, you can track the macros in multiple or half servings, making a process that would otherwise be challenging into one that’s simple and convenient.


Swipe Toggle Shortcut

Food items can be swiped to open the quick toggle menu, where you can instantly favorite, delete, or edit an item.

Consumed/Remaining Toggle

Macros can be viewed in two different ways: what you’ve already eaten or what you have left to eat. Simply tap the consumed or remaining button to alternate between views.

We Make Tracking Flexible

With Avatar Nutrition, you don’t need to hit your macro targets perfectly each day. We offer several signature features that allow you to go over or under your targets and still make progress.


You don’t need to hit your macros dead on. Instead, your goal will be to get within a certain range of your target and make the circles in the tracker turn green.


When it comes to your progress, ranges and averages are what counts. It’s okay to be somewhat over or under your macros on a day-to-day basis, as long as your average intake for the check-in period is within range. Just tap the circle graphs to show your tracked averages at any given time.

Moving Targets

Moving targets is an exclusive Avatar feature that adjusts your macro targets each day based on what you tracked the day before. If you were over or under your targets, our adaptive nutrition system will nudge your macro targets up or down to keep you in range.

Daily Carb/Fat Swap

Sometimes you’ll have a day when you’re way over on carbs and way under on fat, or vice-versa. In these cases, you can swap fat for carbs (or carbs for fat) by using the carb/fat substitution feature on your tracker. This makes it easy to stay in your target macro ranges.

Alcohol Tracking

Avatar Nutrition is the only system in the world that correctly accounts for the macros in alcohol so you can still make progress while enjoying an adult beverage! We take the total energy of the drink and allow you to use our one-of-a-kind alcohol slider to decide how much of that energy goes toward carbs, fat, or both.