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How We Set Your Macros

No two people are alike, so no two people have the same nutrition and macro needs. We gather information about your body, goals, activity level, dietary restrictions, and preferences to accurately determine your unique macro targets, and we continue to update our algorithm using the latest science and data we’ve gathered from over 120,000 Avatar users.

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Age, weight, and body fat percentage each affect your total energy and protein needs. Getting the right amount of protein is critical for preserving muscle and metabolic rate and helping you to reach your goals.



Your goal, and how quickly you want to accomplish it, is going to have a major impact on your macro targets. For example, with a fat loss goal, a faster rate means fewer carbs and fat and more protein.


Activity Level

The more active you are, the more energy and protein you need to maintain your body weight and support muscle building and recovery. We consider both exercise and lifestyle activity levels to establish your baseline macro needs.



We gather information such as dietary restrictions and your carb/fat preference to set your macros and build a plan that fits your lifestyle.


Responsive Macro Adjustments

We set your macro targets, but we don’t stop there. What makes Avatar Nutrition so revolutionary is that we adjust them at each check-in based on how your body responds. By giving you multiple sets of macro targets over time, we account for your changing nutritional needs so you can keep making progress toward your goal.

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