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Meet Avatar members who took up arms against phony nutri-babble and found freedom in the process.

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In 2023, our 8-week challenge raised $1,674.00 for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry

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Tara Hansen

This was literally the best experience!! I cannot believe I have never done a muscle gain before, my workouts were so much better and felt stronger!!!

It’s amazing how much stronger you can feel with more food and because the food helps you to sleep better! The only reason why I even did this is because I wanted to support the charity!!! I’m so glad I did this!!! (I’m always a sucker to help others)

Gabriela Angulo

I used to be overweight, and I struggled with eating disorders. I would do long periods of cardio and use that as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted as a reward. I started to feel bad, and my body got bigger every month. I didn’t want to go out with my friends because I was ashamed. Because I was the “fat girl,” I felt pressure to eat junk food and thought people would judge me if I ordered a salad.

One day I started learning about food, hoping that might help me achieve my goals. That’s when I found out about flexible dieting and Avatar—and I decided to give it a shot! It changed my life forever! I learned that, if I hit my macros, I could also eat the foods I wanted—like ice cream—and I didn’t have to feel guilty! It was hard in the beginning, but now that I’m used to tracking and scanning nutrition labels I’m so thankful. Thanks to Avatar and the Avatar Family Facebook group (love that group!) I’ve lost 8 kilograms and 10% bodyfat! It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Jennifer Price

Avatar has transformed my body and taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food. I’ve been a binge-eater all my life, and food always came with emotions—joy, sorrow, or anger. I’m happy to say I haven’t binged on food since I started with Avatar! It allows me the flexibility to eat what I want and still reach my goals. If I want I can eat more carbs or more fats, I have the freedom to choose!

The system gives you every reason NOT to fail! I’ve accomplished all of this while recovering from a major spinal surgery—but Avatar can work around any limitation. Katie has been such a wonderful help with all of her Q&A’s. The Facebook group is amazing—I feel like part of a family.

I feel like if Avatar can change my life, it can change ANYONE’S!

Tamara Meier

Avatar Nutrition changed everything for me.

I’d tried so many diets: keto, low-fat/high-carb, intermittent fasting, the Sweet Potato diet, Weight Watchers… the list goes on. Nothing worked and none of these “diets” were sustainable.

In my family, we don’t eat to live, we live to eat! Food comes at you from every direction. Living in a family like this while trying to fast, or not eat carbs or fats, is a nightmare. I was miserable and angry, and my family thought I was crazy. I tried to cure my problems with food, and I would binge constantly.

Because of Avatar, I now choose what I want to eat and when. I don’t avoid celebrations, I can have drinks, and I still eat my favorite foods!

Because of Avatar, I don’t stress about what to eat, and I don’t argue with my husband about what to have for dinner. I’m educated on macros, and I know how to enjoy my diet. And I don’t binge anymore!

Avatar has given me freedom while helping me accomplish my goals.

Cody Lord

Early in 2017, I embarked on a personal journey with Avatar Nutrition. Over the course of 12 weeks, I lost almost 30 pounds, going from 192 to 164. Now I’m 41 years old and in the best shape of my life!

I’ve always been able to work out, eat what I want, and stay in decent shape. But over the last 3 years, things at work (and life in general) had become very stressful, and I formed bad habits. I’d never tried teaming nutrition with exercise to get results, but after seeing all the wonderful success stories online, I decided I needed to give Avatar a shot!

LIFE CHANGING, FOLKS! I can’t say it enough: I’m in the best shape I have ever been! Avatar uses science to guide you and help you achieve whatever your nutrition/fitness goals are. Of course, you have to put in the work, but it’s all worth it. It’s so easy to say you’re too busy to take care of yourself, but I had 2 ½ jobs and worked 7 days a week while using Avatar and I still found the time! I guarantee that if you invest the time, persistence, and devotion, you will thank yourself!

I was seeking a better self, and Avatar’s support got me there. I trusted Avatar because I knew the science wouldn’t lead me astray! I hope my story and my success will inspire some of you to get to work and find that better you.

Niko Ratala

I’ve struggled with being overweight for most of my life. I had trouble in school and sports when I was young, and from early-on my friends would call me names because of my weight. By 14 years old, I was already starting to develop emotional eating and “bad habits”. I started my first diet at 16.

I always wanted to be a pro hockey player, and I trained hard in practice and in the gym—mostly following “bro-style” bodybuilding advice on exercise and nutrition. I tried low-carb diets, and eating “clean,” but my weight kept yo-yo-ing upward. I was in my best shape in 2001, at 163 lbs, but by 2008 I was at my worst—240 lbs.

That’s when I realized that something had to change: I was turning 35, and I said to myself, “enough.” Too many failed attempts on something that’d been a problem for most of my life! There had to be a better way!

And that’s when I turned to flexible dieting and found Avatar Nutrition. I started tracking my calories, then my macros. I started to realize that this could be the last “diet”—the one to end them all.

Avatar put my weight-loss progress back on track immediately. I could cook delicious meals and desserts and keep losing weight. If my weight-loss ever stalled, the Avatar system would adjust the macros and kick off progress again. It was an authority in my life that kept things in check.

And when my progress started to slow down, I knew it was time to Reverse Diet. I changed to the Conservative Reverse Diet setting, and I began to feel better and regain my energy. And the best part: even though I was eating more food, I kept losing weight! I actually lost another 10 lbs in the first 9 weeks of my Reverse Diet.

Now I’ve overcome a weight problem that’s nagged me for almost my entire life! And I can honestly say that, despite being an extremely dedicated and driven person, I could not have changed my life like this without Avatar Nutrition.

Rhonda Sullivan Cilley

It wasn’t until I had my 4th child and was almost 40 that I really started struggling with my weight. Over the next 12 years, I tried every diet out there. Some I stuck with for several months—and I’d lose lots of weight, but I would always find myself right back where I started. And not only that—I would gain MORE weight in the end.

I was frustrated, and I had no idea how to stop that from happening. My weight went up, and my confidence went down.

When I turned 50, my daughter told me about Avatar Nutrition, about Reverse Dieting and how it helped her change her relationship with food. She said I needed to try it.

What? Wait a minute—a way to “repair” your metabolism? Eat more food without gaining weight? It was hard to believe. But I wanted to try it!

I started with Fat Loss, and over 4 months I lost 40 lbs and felt like a new person! My confidence was up, and I fit into clothes I hadn’t touched in years. I felt great! Then it came time to use the Reverse Diet. I knew it was the step I’d been missing, and that I’d never considered my metabolism before… but I was scared.

Still, a voice in my head shouted: “Break the cycle! This is a journey, not a race. Not a diet. You know what you need to do!”

So, I took the leap. And THIS is the moment I’m most proud of. This was the decision that changed my life.

I followed the Reverse Diet for 20 weeks… and I actually LOST more weight! 10 more pounds! All while going from eating 1400 calories to 3200 calories! If anyone had told me that, over 8 ½ months, I would lose 54 lbs and would be eating 3077 calories a day and maintaining my weight… I wouldn’t have believed it! It felt like I’d found the fountain of youth or something.

Now I’m enjoying my life, eating plenty of food, and finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m happier and healthier, and I’ll be forever grateful for my daughter telling me about Avatar. It has truly changed my life!

Jessica Arent

Before finding Avatar Nutrition I was very restrictive. I’d only eat certain things or eat at certain times. I used food as a way to cope with hard times. Certain foods were “off limits” for whatever reason—they weren’t “healthy” enough, they had too many carbs, they’d instantly make me gain fat, etc. I had no idea what I was doing! I ended up weighing 90 lbs—but I never saw how thin I was, only my flaws. Eventually, this led to binge eating as well.

Then I found Avatar. I tried a short period of fat loss and lost 10 lbs—I was the leanest I’d been in 7 years. I went from 1800 to 1401 calories, and I knew it was time to Reverse Diet. I followed a Conservative Reverse Diet for 30 weeks, and I gained 12 lbs, but about half of it was muscle. Unlike my diets in the past, I was able to effectively gain muscle while limiting the amount of fat I was gaining as well. And most importantly, I went from 1401 to 3419 calories per day!

Now I’m maintaining on 3415 calories per day, and my mind is blown! This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. Food doesn’t scare me anymore. I look at it differently—as fuel, as fun, as a way to try new things—not with fear. Food does not control me anymore. I truly feel like I have gotten my life back.

Isaac Friga

I’ve been able to get lean without starving myself and repair my damaged metabolism. Avatar has changed my life!

Renee Guy

I’m flabbergasted that I’m eating 500 more calories—but I’ve lost weight! I haven’t binged since starting my Reverse Diet. I no longer crave food and nothing is off-limits. I don’t fear food anymore. Before starting my Reverse Diet I was literally afraid to eat more food! I thought if I ate more food I would gain weight instantly—but that’s not true. I love how free I feel when it comes to food & fitness. I’m healthier now than ever before. My energy is through the roof. Avatar nutrition has changed my life.

Jason Cathcart

Avatar put a system in place that took the work, and more importantly the guesswork, out of the equation. I let the system do its job and I don’t think twice about it! It’s a hassle-free approach to reaching my goals. The member resources are invaluable, and the community is as supportive and motivating as any I’ve ever seen!

Amie Moses

I’ve yo-yo dieted my entire life. And after giving birth to four children it didn’t get any easier. I found Avatar Nutrition, and I can honestly say that was the game-changer for me. My body responded almost instantly, and my focus and motivation returned! THIS is the best $10 per month I’ve ever spent! I’m now 3 weeks out from my next show, and I’m in better shape than ever. Best of all: no more yo-yo dieting!

Steve Schulte

Avatar definitely helped me not be afraid to gain weight. I didn’t step foot inside a gym until I was 33, and going through my first Reverse Diet and Lean Muscle Gain program was pretty terrifying after I lost a lot of body fat. But the helpful community, live stream videos, and Member Success Team really helped me through it! Avatar has added stability and control, and allowed me to relax and not obsess about food.

Jamie Robinson

Avatar has taken all the guess work out of macros, which is brilliant for someone living a busy lifestyle.

Justice Mustain

Avatar has helped me stay away from fad dieting and has given me hope!

Nicole Zapparrata

My main goal was to gain muscle and fix my relationship with food. I wanted to learn how to eat enough food to fuel my body. Avatar has helped me do this and helped me realize how much I actually need to eat in order to fix my metabolism and gain muscle. Counting macros is also a great tool for college students (like me) to use. I have energy throughout the day for school and workouts.

Mathieu Bédard

Avatar Nutrition has helped me know exactly what to do, rather than take guesses based on hearsay and popular myths. It’s kept me accountable. I’ve always known that I had this determination inside of me, but now I can show that to the world!

Amanda Marciano

Before Avatar I was that person who worked out hard Monday-Friday and then partied and ate whatever I wanted on the weekends (questioning why I wasn’t seeing any results) and I didn’t know what it truly meant to live a healthy lifestyle. When I stumbled on Avatar Nutrition my life changed. To still be able to eat the foods I love and lose weight?! Sign me up! I did 5 months of Fat Loss and loved my results! I am now Reverse Dieting and not only loving the way I look but I’m starting to love the science behind it all. So much that I’m going back to school to get my Bachelor’s degree in dietetics. Avatar has truly changed in many ways! THANKS AVATAR!

Alyvia Steenhoek

I’ve repaired my relationship with food, increased my metabolic rate, and gained strength in the gym. And I’m still seeing progress! I never would have thought I’d be able to eat over 2,400 calories and not blow up like a balloon. Thank goodness for Avatar!

Travis Clark

Avatar helped guide me to visible abs while maintaining my strength.

Aislinn Leonard

Avatar has completely changed the way I approach food and given me the power to change my body. Before Avatar, I tried everything and even worked with a coach to get personalized macros, but nothing worked. Avatar led me through my first real diet, and I’ve seen so much progress! Now I eat more than I ever have while maintaining a pretty lean physique. I recommend Avatar to everyone interested in transforming their lives and truly can’t say enough good things about it.

Holly Wayland

I followed the Conservative Reverse Diet, and now I’m maintaining and thriving beautifully! The reverse was hard to go through, but the Member Success Team went out of their way to help me through it and keep my mind in the game. Literally the best thing out there for nutrition. It’s the one thing that’s been able to keep me away from old eating-disorder habits and kept me sane. And the customer service is outstanding!

Haley Carrico

I used to restrict anything and everything deemed “unhealthy,” and if it contained fat I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. Flexible dieting literally saved my life… if I’d stayed on my previous path there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here today. But here I am, almost 3 years later, following that crazy idea and loving my life!