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Spartan Workout: 5 Lessons the Historical Spartans can Teach us about Fitness

How to Identify a Fad Diet or Weight Loss Scam

The Secrets of Fat Loss

The Reverse Diet Basics

Why Detox Diets Make No Sense

Detoxing: It’s a classic diet myth, a multi-million dollar industry, and in serious need of some myth-slaying. If you think surviving on lemon juice and living on the toilet sounds necessary… here’s your excuse to skip it.

What’s the Best Cardio for Fat Loss: LISS or HIIT?

Today we’re pitting the two biggest names in cardio, LISS and HIIT, against each other to see which is the best option for fat loss. Who will win?

Why You Shouldn’t Diet for a Vacation

Dieting for a vacation can be smart and sensible, or a psychosomatic banana peel that sends you spiraling. Don’t starve yourself right before a vacation… learn to plan ahead.

How to Test Yourself in the Gym

If the last time you tested your fitness level was running up and down a dirty gym floor, it might be time for a re-test. Testing your performance in the gym can help you gauge your fitness and plan how to target your weaknesses.