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Fat Loss

Do Diets Promising You’ll Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days Work?

Click to learn why you should avoid clever marketing tactics that promise fast weight loss, especially those that promise you’ll lose 7 pounds in 7 days.

Asking Yourself “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?” Read This!

On a diet and not losing weight? Click to find out if one of these top 3 causes is to blame.

What To Eat To Lose Weight

Avoiding certain “types” of foods (and filling up on others) will help you reach your weight loss goals. Learn what these foods are!

Is BMI The Best Way To Gauge Health?

BMI is not the best indicator of health. Click to learn why and what to look at instead.

Ultimate Guide: Baking With Protein Powder For Beginners

Baking with protein powder can be hard. Get tips to avoid common protein powder fails and enjoy your favorite desserts with a healthy twist!

Are Negative Calorie Foods Real?

After reading this article, you’ll understand the theory behind negative-calorie foods, why they don’t exist, and what we can learn from the science behind them.

5 Steps You Should Take After A Binge

We’re humans, not robots, and it’s for this reason that no dieter is ever 100% perfect. Everyone, no matter who they are, will slip up on their diet from time to time. Whether this is just going slightly over your macros, or having a full-on binge…

6 Ways To Beat The Urge & Stop Binge Eating

Most dieters will suffer from this at some point, and it’s incredibly difficult to break the cycle. Fortunately, it can be tackled. Here are 6 easy steps to remember when you feel the urge to binge when out for a meal or sitting on the couch watching TV in the evenings.