Avatar Nutrition and flexible dieting on a need-to-know basis

What is flexible dieting?

– Flexible dieting is dietary strategy that revolves around hitting a target goal for protein, fat, and carbs (macronutrients) each day. Your targets are one of a kind and based on your specific physical traits, goals, and body’s response to previous macronutrient targets.

What is Avatar Nutrition?

– Avatar Nutrition acts as your personal, online flexible dieting coach. Our system determines your ideal macronutrient targets and provides you with the tips, tools, information, and other materials you’ll need to succeed – no matter what your goals are.

How much does this cost?

– Avatar nutrition provides premium service and content for the low price of $9.99 USD per month.

What am I not allowed to eat?

– This is the beauty of flexible dieting, nothing is off limits – you simply have to account for your food choices in your macronutrient budget. We provide a multitude of tips and tools to help you pick the foods that will best fit your targets while leaving you plenty of wiggle room for the treats you enjoy.

Does flexible dieting really work?

– Flexible dieting works better than any other diet protocol; this is because it’s not a traditional “diet” – flexible dieting is a way of eating you’ll stick to for life. It’s all about building a healthy relationship with food by understanding the things you for what they really are – collections of macronutrients! The proof is in the results, for those of you still doubting, check out the ticker for how much fat Avatar Nutrition subscribers have lost through flexible dieting and how much lean muscle they’ve built! Feel free to look out our flexible dieting testimonials too.

I’m ready to get started, what do I do?

– Click on “create a profile”, then fill out the information to build your avatar. After your avatar is complete, choose your payment method. Now go to your profile and follow the steps we’ve laid out for you to succeed in flexible dieting!

What is Avatar Nutrition’s refund and return policy?

– If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience at Avatar Nutrition, you can cancel your membership at any time. We do not offer any refunds, and since we do not sell any physical goods we do not offer any return service.