Meet the Avatar Nutrition Team!


Mark SpringerMark Springer



♦ BA, Liberal Arts, Humanities & Social Thought

♦ Entrepreneur

♦ Published Author

♦ Nationally Qualified Powerlifter

♦ Philanthropist

♦ Opera Enthusiast/Astronomer


Mark Springer is the “man behind the curtain.” He is something of a renaissance man with a burning passion for learning and growth as a human being. He has a wide array of interests, ranging from opera and physics to classical Greek and Roman history. Avatar Nutrition is his brainchild and ultimately the product of 8 years of firsthand experience helping people overcome frustrations in the world of health and fitness. Mark saw that the biggest problem facing people seeking to positively transform their bodies was getting their diets right. For years, Mark made it his mission to find a solution to this problem and a way to effectively deliver it to as many people as possible. From this came a partnership with Dr. Layne Norton, one of the pioneers of flexible dieting, and Katie Coles, a registered dietitian with years of experience applying this nutritional philosophy. The result was Avatar Nutrition!


Layne NortonDr. Layne Norton



♦ PhD, Nutritional Sciences, BS, Biochemistry

♦ World Class Powerlifter

♦ Natural Professional Bodybuilder

♦ Trailblazer of the Flexible Dieting Movement

♦ Owner of Carbon Supplements

♦ Avid Fisherman and Proud Father


Layne Norton is a world record holding powerlifter, pro natural bodybuilder, and PhD nutritional researcher. He first became involved with flexible dieting in the early 2000s and eventually built a private consultation business helping people of all walks of life transform their bodies. As a front runner of the flexible dieting movement, Layne popularized this concept on a global scale while educating people on the adaptive nature of metabolism and the need to implement reverse dieting as a strategy to improve health and recover metabolic capacity post-diet. As a personal coach, Layne has helped thousands of people lose weight, build muscle, and improve metabolism, and has coached 65 clients to professional bodybuilding status. Not only is he a wildly successful coach and well-known figure in the fitness industry, but Layne has also written for numerous magazines, is an author on 12 scientific studies published to date, and earned the silver medal for the United States in the 2015 World Powerlifting Championships! When Mark approached Layne about a partnership, Layne recognized the need to make flexible dieting accessible on a grand scale and Avatar Nutrition was born. Layne applied the lessons learned from over a decade of helping people flexible diet to Avatar Nutrition to make it the ultimate resource for flexible dieting.


Katie ColesKatie Coles

Editor-in-Chief/Quality Control


♦ MS, Nutrition, BS, Biology

♦ Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

♦ Certified Personal Trainer

♦ National Bikini Competitor

♦ Former Collegiate Pole Vaulter/Heptathlete

♦ Stamp and Coin Collector


Katie Coles is a registered dietitian nutritionist with years of experience in the fitness industry as an athlete, top level bikini competitor, and fitness model. A slave to restrictive meal plans in her early competition days, Katie developed binge-eating disorder and struggled to find balance and self-acceptance. After getting her master’s degree in nutrition, Katie discovered the power of flexible dieting for not only improving her physique, but also for overcoming eating disorders and taking control of her personal health. A major advocate of the flexible dieting movement, Katie’s mission is to free people from restrictive diets while helping them achieve their ideal body.


Cait RobertsonCait Robertson

Executive Chef


♦ MS, Speech-Language Pathology, BS, Business Marketing

♦ Founder of “The Macro Experiment”

♦ Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

♦ Singer/Songwriter

♦ Fitness/Nutrition Blogger

♦ Master Cake Decorator


Cait is a never ending well of creativity! She expresses this in a multitude of ways, from helping children overcome speech disabilities to writing and singing songs and creating some of the most delicious, macro-friendly recipes to ever meet a taste bud! Cait has fueled her creative arsenal with the memory of having overcome her own struggle of being overweight throughout her childhood and teenage years and the eating disorders that this ultimately led to. Sharing the knowledge of flexible dieting and showing people that they don’t have to sacrifice any flavor to take control of their health is an unrelenting passion in Cait’s life. Now she aims to deliver the goods in our macro-friendly recipes section!


Mike Samuels - 1Mike Samuels

Science Writer


♦ PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach

♦ Owner of “Healthy Living Heavy Lifting”

♦ Copywriter and Fitness Blogger

♦ Record Holding Powerlifter in the GBPF

♦ Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding Competitor

♦ Coffee Shop Connoisseur and Lover of Countryside Walks


Mike is a former fat kid turned flexible dieter. Despite always being active, Mike kept falling for rigid, restrictive diets throughout his teens and early 20s, eventually gaining 30 pounds when he went Paleo. Fortunately, Mike was introduced to flexible dieting through Layne Norton and never looked back. Now an online coach and writer, Mike spends his days helping clients and educating folks on the miracles of macros and the wonders of weight training.
If you can’t find Mike on his laptop, you’ll probably find him in the local coffee shop or traveling around Europe…via coffee shops!